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    Established on a Robust Framework
  • Perfect Endpoint for all your Dynamic needs
    Straight Out of the Box Web Framework.

One Route Map for Both Ends!

EB Web Framework eliminates the need to separate routes for Back-End and Front-End and combines them into one Single Route Map.
Yet you can still use your preferred front-end framework or library as long as you pass the client data to the framework's front-end library.

Server-to-Client Encryption

Built-in Server Elliptic Curve Encryption (ECDH). Whether you are serving a single page or an AJAX, you can implement a robust encryption transmission without compromising your customer's data.

Highly-Scalable Route Definition

There's no need to cramped your route definition in a single file, whether it is stateless or not. You can set a single route definition in an individual file.

One Endpoint

In addition to your Main application and Asset Links, you can access many different tasks in one single entrance for your CLI, CRON, CMS, Hookup, Application Error, Server Error packed into one.

PHP 7.2 Ready

Make your application blazing fast without the need to migrate to NodeJS or Python.

Multi-Level Headers

Customized Header for your Route Entry, Route Default and Individual Header.

Extensive Error Logging

You can customize file log to your specific errors.

Easy Syntax

No more complex syntax to remember so you can focus more time on coding.

Centralized Post Endpoint

Dynamic Posting makes your posts less prone to vulnerability

Centralize Route Map

EBHub combines all your AJAX & Synchonize route including specific Headers in one central Hub.